Everybody has worked so hard.

Jacobson hired me to help him.

It's taking longer than I thought it would.

My bike has been stolen.


He is prisoner, but he is innocent.

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I want to do what's best for both of us.

Let's play chess.

They always played tennis here.

I would go to the mountains when young.

Please send in your summary by Tuesday.

Alright, well, call me tomorrow, and let me know how it all went. Have fun and be safe.

A second is a sixtieth part of a minute.

Can we talk this over?

Jack doesn't drive fast.

The country demands social justice.

Send her to me.

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A demonym is the name or term for the residents of a particular locality.

We saw paramedics treating the gunshot victims.

All we can do now is wait.

You're not fooling anyone, Laurie, we know it's you.

I cannot feed John's dog. It's too vicious.

He's all bark and no bite.

I hope we'll meet again.

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Jessie is my most attractive friend.

I know where Jimmy is hiding.

Don't open your mouth!

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As time went on, rules were added to the game to make it safer.


My thermos was stolen.

The newest staff members get all the donkey work when they're at the bottom of the ladder.

She is good at skiing.


I don't want you to ring me up all the time.

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You let Francois get away.

"Want a beer?" "Beer? No thank you; I don't touch the stuff."

I had never heard about Lviv before.


Valentin revealed that the abducted child was still alive and showed the police where they could find him.

Emo people wear black lipstick.

When I was a child, I used to like sliding down the staircase banister.


Dylan was the sheriff.

Something terrible happened here.

I'll chance it.

Amigo lay on his back.

Have you already finished your homework?


He was rather drunk, which made a bad impression on the policeman.

My personality is not at all serious!

You can't shake someone's hand with a clenched fist.


That's why they pay us the big bucks.

There is a station in the center of the city.

It is just like her to think of others before thinking of herself.

I can eat it in here.

Learning by heart is not the best way how to remember things.

I have a bench in my garden; I like to sit outside and enjoy the afternoon sun.

Icelandic is my native language.

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I'm fed up with working here.


Spike was careful not to touch Galen.

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Presley's a liar.

The tornado passed through the city and headed to the sea.

Please, tell me.

It is better to remain silent, than to talk without purpose.

I'd like you to see it.

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The old man's narrative was punctuated by coughs.

You should get back home.

You got 120% on the physics exam? You could probably teach that class...

Excuse me, where is the taxi stand?

I don't know if I should tell Shamim.

Jun never loved you.

He knows better than to marry her.

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The writing style was unaffected.


Werner is probably OK with it.

Do you have any free time on Monday?

What is the use of worrying?


There are many tall buildings.

I think everything here is under control.

I want to find out the source of this irresponsible rumor.

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Brett likes to be mysterious.


Anthony has a large bump on the back of his head.

Who do you think she lives with?

Kimberly was persuaded, but not me.

That country has a trade surplus. It exports more than it imports.

Mason drew a picture of Roman and her dog.


Why don't you wait here while I finish what I'm doing?

I let him spend the night in my house.

We lost all of our funding.

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Audrey kissed me before he left.

You still haven't told me why you decided not to go.

Evelyn has huge tits.


I like the boys from the start of the marathon.

She's wearing sunglasses.

Mikael was mostly right.

Is Cory getting any better?

David is honest and caring.

The surgery was successfully completed.

I'm not that hungry.

Don't worry about us girls. We'll find something to do.

I love spending time with you.


I checked with them.

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Hunger is one of the largest social misfortunes.


Spring arrived.

That was such good a book that I read it three times.

My hobby is languages.

I was in a lot of pain.

I need to figure something out.

Marshall thought it was strange.

You're not a very good negotiator, are you?

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This was too much for him.


It's hard to tell if that's the sound of children laughing or screaming.

Now the good news is, we can solve these problems and meet these challenges, because America, by definition, is an innovation society.

I have nothing else to say.

My brother is interested in what you call pop music.

This is the rule of the game.

Tell me where to find him.

Lower your weapon, Cary.

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I am your fellow citizen because I, too, am an Italian national.

With the approach of Christmas, business improved somewhat.

Where did you drop them?

It is important whether we win the game or not.

Nhan will pay the bill.

I'm living a lie.

I have a sweet tooth.

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I can't afford anything like that.


I'm almost done. Just give me a minute.


I am in this restaurant.

You are in love with him.

Stan doesn't have as much free time as he used to.


Give him this message as soon as he arrives.

About this time tomorrow, we will be in London.

You shouldn't tease him.


Kathryn ran off like a coward.

Ambition gives me a nosebleed.

The coffee has nice aroma.


We are looking forward to hearing about your trip.

I think it's great that you got that job.

How's school going?

We should tell Tanya the truth.

I can't put up with his temper any longer.

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A coconut is not a nut.


Sunil doesn't study much, but he still does very well at school.


My parents' house is located high on a hill from which one can see the mountains in the east and the ocean in the north.


Take it one step at a time.


I've decided not to live in Boston.


Are you going to pay in cash?

Starbuck took off his name tag.

This is the first French book I've ever read.


He told me the truth.

I'm sure Juliet understands why we weren't there.

Sorrel had a life insurance policy worth three hundred thousand dollars.

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Where were you coming from?

I'd better go myself.

I'm sorry to say this, but I need to put my foot down! I'm not a charity! Unless you can solidly convince me that the devotion of my time to you is truly worth my while, I'm through! I mean it this time.

Do you have difficulties getting your weight down?

That decision will have wide and serious consequences.


Carl is having a very bad day.


You always tell me to think for myself.


Pass the beer over here.